A Winner’s Story

Meet Woflgang. He is typically a busy guy, but he was enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home, since his German Bakery was closed for the day. Since he’s usually so busy, he found that he didn’t know what to do with himself while he had the day off. Like most other German shops, his Bakery is closed on Sunday and he spends his time with his family. This day, everyone had something else to do, which left Wolfgang alone.

He thought he would really enjoy this time.

“This is great,” he thought, “no one to hassle me about going to the park, or riding bikes, or even what needs to be fixed around the house.” He smiled at his luck as he sat down. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he missed having his family home. “I need to find something to do until they get home,” he pondered.

simple guy

Wolfgang is a simple guy. He doesn’t have many needs, but he love surfing the internet and playing games when he finds a rare moment to do so. He remembered his friend talking about some slot game. Wolfgang isn’t much for betting his money, but his friend made this game sound so easy and appealing, he wanted to see it for himself. His friend told him that he had cool music and bright colors.

“What was the name of that game?” he asked himself.

“Something hot, pepper, or something else crazy,” he thought. “Chili Heat, that’s it,” he couldn’t believe he actually remembered it. He knew it was an online slot game, which he didn’t typically play, but his friend won big money, so he thought he would try. He was still skeptical, so he decided that he would set a limit on how much money he would play.

Having never been to the Casumo Casino site, Wolfgang had to set up an account and deposit money into it. He found this process fast and simple and he was pleased because he wanted to get right to playing the slot machine. He wasn’t sure how long before his family would burst through the door and he didn’t want to be caught gambling. After creating his account, he found the game easily.

He was taken in by the sights and sounds of the game. He felt like he was in Mexico listening to music and enjoying the scenery. He smiled because he was already having fun. The game has five reels and it didn’t take long before Wolfgang figured out that Pedro and his lady friend showing up in the reels increase the payout. And then there is the chili pepper, which he realized would give him the largest payout. He figured he would only have tome to play a few rounds, so he wanted to maximize his playing.

Maybe it was beginner’s luck, but in just a few short rounds, Wolfgang was on a roll and the chili pepper popped up three times and he got the maximum payout possible of 10,000 x what he wagered. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately requested to withdrawal his money.

His winnings came with additional free spins, but he didn’t want to risk losing money, so he quit while he was ahead. He began jumping up and down and dancing around the room. It was this exact moment that his family walked in the door and looked at him like he lost his mind. He grabbed his wife telling her all about his winnings. Then he began to think about all the ways he could spend his money.